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The Perfect Tool for Tax Pros to Take Charge of IRS Collection is Through the IRS Tax Resolution Software

Although it had never happened in history before, there are a lot of people who are indebted to the Internal Revenue Service of the government because of unpaid taxes. These people who are unable to pay their taxes need help badly and are willing to pay any amount as long as they are relieved of this burden. Offer in Compromise, Innocent or Injured Spouse Defense, Collection Appeal, Installment Agreement and Collection due Process are just among the few instruments that can be utilized by the CPA, Tax Attorney and Enrolled Agent to help in settling the liabilities of the clients.

The most promising instrument that is being utilized nowadays is the Offer in Compromise since it is possible that the client’s tax slate will be wiped out clean and will have a big discount as well. Although this is the case, it is still with positive and negative effects. There is a chance for you to have your tax liability discounted from thousands to a few hundred but you will need to disclose some information to the Internal /revenue Service pertaining to all of your assets. Always remember that the IRS machine is at work and is always monitoring your taxes. Make sure to inform your client in cases where the offer that you submitted will be rejected. Another disadvantage of the Offer in compromise if that only 20% of the total offers that are submitted will be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. So how can you get into the 20% offers that are being accepted? The use of your brain is a given, and aside from that, there is a soft ware that will be able to help you with your analysis, gives diagnoses to the IRS tax problem of your client, make an evaluation if your candidate will be able to avail of the offer and then help the client in preparing all of the necessary forms that are needed.

According to a survey done recently, most representatives still prepare Offer in Compromise together with the other resolution cases manually which means that they are still doing it only with their brains, calculators, and pencils. All the necessary documents will be able to back up your rationale but you have to take a lot of time to prepare for a successful case. Therefore it is essential for you to use a tax resolution software logic that will save a lot of your time and effort in processing all the necessary requirements.

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