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Top Things to Know about Frankincense Oil

If you have heard about frankincense oil, probably you might heard it with Christmas carols. It is true that this substance is often mentioned together with myrrh and gold. Believe that you are not alone if this falls true to you. A lot of people today, don’t have much idea about frankincense oil. The reality is that there are people who think that frankincense is a sort of spice. Frankincense is not a spice.

In some cases frankincense may sound ancient or a bit of exotic, but it has become an oil that is quite popular. It is one of the sought after oils used in aromatheraphy. Frankincense oil is being sought after because of aroma with lime and lemon hints with pine, as well as its ability to improve the emotional balance of a person to achieve a peace of mind.

Most of the time, people are able to get the benefits of frankincense oil by blending it with other essential oils and create nice aromas. Some people are using frankincense oil as a means to have some do-it-yourself projects and to bring better vitality to the body or to the home.

The reality is that one is supposed to explore the benefits of using frankincense oil as way to use it for self-care especially for the holiday season.

To those who may not know, frankincense oil is made from the sap of a tree known as boswellia. The reality is that the boswellia tree is widespread in the Arabian peninsula and northeastern Africa. The bark of this tree is cut in order to let the sap dry and harden into a resin. To finish the process of getting frankincense oil, the resin will be steam-distilled so that the frankincense oil will be obtained.

There are a lot of uses of sap to oil, as many people might not know. There is no problem in chewing the sap just like an ordinary gum. The resin and the oil from frankincense can be used as an aromatic. Ancient people have been using frankincense for thousands of years.

It is probably true that you have have enountered the term of frankincense from a lot of songs for the holidays. The most famous reference of the use of frankincense is in the Biblical account of the nativity of Jesus Christ. In the story that has been mentioned time and time again, one of the wise men was carrying frankincense as a gift. The killer here is that in some cultures they are using the oil by incorporating thing with traditions and ceremonies. The Babylonians and the Assyrians have been using the oil.

With the oil, people can get a deeper connection with their emotions. Frankincense oil is also a way which can help soothe the mind and the body.

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